Incoming Raw Material:

In House modification and repair of Patterns and Storage facility for pattern up to 2500 Patterns.
In house match plating facility.
Pattern made of Aluminium, Wooden, etc.
Using new modern technique for gating systems.


Hand Moulding for heavier and bigger Castings (> 1500 kg)
CO2 and Green sand moulding Process
Arpa  300 (DT3) Fully automatic – 2 Nos, BMW Unitherm 3 Semi Automatic 2 Nos, Unitherm Automatic – 1 Nos
Arpa 1300 (DT6) Fully automatic moulding machine.

Core Making:

No bake, CO2  core making processes
Core weight max up to 600 Kgs


Inductotherm make 575 KVA Induction furnace, 1000kg & 500kg 1 Nos each 2 – Crucibles, 500kgs/40min, 1000Kgs/1hr 15min & 2000Kgs yet to be introduced very shortly.


Knock out machine, Capacity 650kg/hr
Shot Blasting Machine – 600kg/hr – 1 Nos
Chipping, Grinding and Gauge Inspection, wherever required.

Stress Relieving:

Outside working space, 1 ton capacity



Webster – Bennet (German) Make, Vertical Turret Lathe  1200 x 550mm
Milling machine 2 Nos, Radial Drilling Machine 3 Nos, Lathe Machine 7 Nos.

Primer Paint as per customer specification
Spray paint booth

Testing, Analysis and Inspection:

ASTM Sand seiver, Permeability Meter, Moisture Tester, Compression strength M/c, Sand Washer, Physical Balance.
Sand Analysis     Mould Hardness and core scratch hardness tester
Ferro Lab – instant CE, carbon and silicon analyzer
Poldy Hardness Tester
Digital and Metallurgical Microscope
Digital Temperature Meter
Tensile Testing Machine
Measuring Instruments
Granite surface plates
Metallurgical Microscope, Radiography and Ultrasonic, Outsourced.
Brinell Hardness Testing Machine upto 300Kgs.
Muffle Furnace.
Impact Testing Machine.


Machined surfaces applied with rust preventive oil